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Sweet 16, Swimming, and Safety Nets

I hope you all are still enjoying the Summer! Vacations, summer camp, swimming, camping… all the things that are most fun when it’s warmer weather keep you busy when these things are “thrown into the mix” of your regular routine!

We are having a fairly quiet Summer ourselves. No wild rides or edgy activities for a while (at least a short while! smile).

My daughter, Taylor, turned 16 and is starting drivers education soon. She’s upset that I didn’t let her get her drivers license when she had her Sweet 16 Birthday this year, but I just didn’t feel she was ready.

When I told my assistant this very plausible reason for protecting Taylor knowing she just wasn’t quite ready or maybe mature enough, my assistant asked, “Hmmmmm…. are you sure that it’s because TAYLOR isn’t ready? Maybe it’s DAD who isn’t ready to see his little girl behind the wheel of a car.”

Well, one way or another, she isn’t getting her drivers license until she completes the Drivers Ed class in which I’ve enrolled her.

She is a good girl, and I’m watching her grow up way too fast.

Lucky for her (and my other daughter, she has me and Karen who will make sure none of the 10 common mistakes are made that will squander or lose her inheritance someday when I’ve “bought the farm.” Hopefully, long after grandkids and a few great grands!  But if it does and when it does, they have a great safety net that keeps their inheritance safe from divorce, law suits, a faulty court system and predators.

Until next time,