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Getting Veterans Benefits In California

U.S. soldiers devote their lives to protecting the safety and freedom of the United States. They deserve to be treated with honor and respect, a degree of which is demonstrated through the administration of veterans benefits.

Attorney Gerry Kane at the Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, located in Encino, California, represents veterans throughout Southern California in accessing the benefits and pensions to which they are entitled.

To discuss your questions with a Los Angeles veterans benefits lawyer, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation: 818-905-6088.

San Fernando Valley Lawyer for Help With Special Pensions

Special pensions are available to wartime U.S. veterans over 65 who were not dishonorably discharged and their surviving spouses, provided certain income eligibility requirements are met. The money obtained from these pensions can be used for many purposes:

  • Paying for assisted living
  • Paying for the high cost of ongoing medical bills
  • Allowing for necessary in home care
  • Arranging for nursing home care

Gerry Kane has in-depth knowledge of the sometimes complicated interplay of veterans benefits and other government assistance programs such as welfare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal, as well as the estate planning tools that can be used to protect assets while preserving eligibility for these programs. Let him answer all your questions about veterans benefits.

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We can protect your eligibility and help you navigate the VA’s application process. For help with paying your medical bills, please contact our San Fernando Valley attorney to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation. We offer weekend and evening appointments upon request. You may also call 818-905-6088.