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This e-book is absolutely free and will help you understand how to pursue benefits that could provide you and your family with up to $ 2,230 of tax-free income each and every month.

If you are like many deserving veterans, you may be unaware of this important pension. Even if you do know about it, you may find it difficult to navigate the “system.” For those reasons, we strongly encourage you to download this free guide to VA pensions.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • How to qualify for a VA pension
  • The three different levels of pension benefits
  • How much money you can expect to receive each month

Why suffer financially needlessly when you could be getting medical bills paid, arranging for in-home care or covering the astronomical costs of nursing home care? You earned it. You should have it. You served our country when we needed you; now our country needs to be there when you need us.

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