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Protecting Your Hard-Earned Assets

The reality of owning personal property or running a business is that even a single claim can overtake everything you have worked so hard to accumulate over the years. While most people do not expect that they will be confronted with a lawsuit, it is a possibility for anyone who operates a business, owns real property, or has any significant amount of personal or business assets. However, proper awareness and implementation of effective asset protection strategies can help you avoid losing everything if a legal dispute should ever cross your path.

The California asset protection attorneys at Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane help individual and business clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California with devising asset protection strategies — legal strategies — that are specifically tailored to meet their personal and business needs. Contact our Encino law firm to discuss how you can benefit from asset protection planning: 818-905-6088.

Creating Asset Protection Strategies for Over 15 Years

Our business and estate planning lawyers recognize that the most effective asset protection solution will vary depending on the type of assets, the risk factors involved, and your objectives for your desired level of protection. We carefully review your situation and offer recommendations suitable to achieve your goals. Your asset protection plan may encompass:

  • Insurance: We review what types of business and personal insurance are essential to protect against liability; however, we emphasize that relying solely on insurance as your asset protection strategy could put you at risk.
  • Trusts: We carefully structure specialized irrevocable trusts that protect your wealth for you and your family who will eventually receive those assets. We focus on protecting your wealth for generations to come. Some of the trust we create include marital trusts, Nevada asset protection trusts, life insurance trusts, multigenerational trusts/dynasty trusts, special needs trusts, and other specifically designated trusts.
  • Business entities: We structure title to assets in the most optimal manner in order to minimize potential exposure to liability and address business succession planning needs. This could include creation of family limited partnerships, Nevada corporations, or other asset protection enterprises. The critical component of these strategies is the transfer of assets into ownership by the business entity.

At the Encino Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we recognize that lawyers, architects, physicians, and other professionals are faced with the potential for claims against their business — and their career. Professionals may also face claims of fraud or misconduct by former business partners or disgruntled employees.

Likewise, property owners face the potential for liability related to personal injuries occurring on their property, judgments or liens filed against their property, and a multitude of other potential claims against the property.

Our law firm strives to eliminate the risk associated with the potential claims or lawsuits — providing clients with peace of mind and security.

Contact Us for Effective Asset Protection Advice

At Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we are dedicated to helping you protect your assets. To discuss your asset protection needs, please schedule a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation with Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, in Encino, California. We are available during regular office hours and on weeknights and weekends by appointment. We look forward to meeting and working with you to find legal solutions that meet your needs. Call 818-905-6088.

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