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Do You Need A Divorce Will?

Divorce proceedings address many important legal issues, from deciding who will get custody of the kids to the division of marital assets. However, many people going through a divorce and their lawyers fail to consider the estate plan. Without taking careful estate planning measures, someone could lose their personal inheritance and business and be reliant on an ex-spouse to make important healthcare decisions after an accident.

At the law offices of Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane in Encino, California, we encourage anyone going through a divorce to consider having a divorce will. This document assures personal assets will be protected from property division and that they will transfer to the chosen beneficiaries after death. It also allows the creator to choose new guardians for their children, if necessary.

Estate planning should be part of the divorce process. At Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we can help clients keep control of their assets. Call 818-905-6088 for a no obligation initial consultation to discuss legal options. We’ve served Southern California with quality estate planning for more than 20 years.

Why Create a Divorce Will?

At Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we understand that estate planning is usually the last thing people think about when going through a divorce, but it could be one of the most important.

People who do not update their estate plan or create a divorce will may face unwelcome surprises when retirement benefits, military pensions, and trusts go to the former spouse rather than the kids or a close relative. Someone may assume that a divorce voids all beneficiary actions. In reality, only formally changing a beneficiary can truly protect assets for children and grandchildren.

In addition, failing to create a new healthcare directive can leave medical decisions in the hands of an ex-spouse.

A Note to Divorce Lawyers

Divorce wills can help your clients protect their assets during and after a divorce. We encourage you to discuss updating estate plans with your clients as soon they initiate divorce proceedings.

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While a divorce is pending, an estate planning lawyer can work to revamp estate plans and create a divorce will to revise beneficiaries of assets, revoke a non probate transfer, and appoint a new power of attorney. Contact Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane today and schedule a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation. Weeknight and Saturday appointments are available. We look forward to working with you.

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