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You’ve prepared your kids for the new school year…
have you prepared them in case you are in an accident?

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My name is Gerald Kane, and if you have kids and own your own home, this is very important information.

A Will = False Security

You might be surprised to find a Will doesn’t cut it if you’re a parent because you may not have named legal guardians for your kids in the right way. More than likely you’ve made at LEAST one of Six Common Mistakes .

What Would Happen To Your Kids
If You Were in an Accident?

As a dad, (and not just a lawyer), it dawned on me that if I were in an accident my kids could be taken into the temporary custody of Child Protective Services, even though I had a Will.

See, my Will did not give my babysitter, friends and neighbors the legal authority to take care of my children, make medical decisions for them or say anything about the short term. My Will only named long-term guardians for my kids and they all lived hundreds of miles away. Plus, no one even knew where my Will was!

Your neighbors, friends and sitter don’t have legal authority to care for your kids either, unless you’ve granted them that authority in writing AND the documents in which you did it are readily available.
To be sure your kids are not taken into the arms of strangers, even for a minute, and your money is immediately and privately available to your guardians, you MUST set up a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan, not just a Will.

Legal Planning: Fast, Fun & Friendly

In the past, you were probably too scared to think about this stuff, too busy to take care of it, or thought it didn’t apply to you.

Or, perhaps you thought you had it all taken care of already. NOW you know this might not be true. As a parent, I know you’re busy. You need the straight scoop on this stuff and that it needs to be easy to understand and implement.

When you and your spouse sit down with me for your appointment, you will:

  • Choose the Right Guardians for Your Kids and Avoid Making the Six Common Mistakes
  • Get Your Financial House in Order and Keep it that Way
  • Learn How to Prepare a Living Legacy for the People You Love Most, EASILY!

This Planning Session worth $750 is absolutely FREE; there is NO OBLIGATION and NO PRESSURE. Plus, if you are one of the first 10 to schedule, you’ll get another $67.95 worth of swag:

  • A FREE copy of the best-selling book ” Wear Clean Underwear! A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents
  • A FREE Kids Protection Planning Guide so you avoid the Six Common Mistakes when naming legal guardians
  • A FREE SmartID Stick which electronically stores your children’s medical information, photos, video and fingerprints. Every parent or caregiver should have one of these. It is essential in an emergency!

To get all these great goodies and get something taken care of that you’ve been putting off far too long or get your existing planning reviewed, make your appointment with me, your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer, by calling us at 818-905-6088 and say you want the BACK TO SCHOOL SAFETY special.

Remember, only the first 10 parents to call and schedule your appointment, get all the free goodies including the Guard-a-Kid Smart ID Stick in case your kid ever gets lost!

To your family’s wealth, health & happiness,

Gerry Kane

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A Fast, Fun, Friendly – And Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents

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