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Creating A Trust That Meets Your Needs

At the Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we care about your family and your future. That’s why we are proud to help you protect your assets and provide for your loved ones.

You may want to ensure your assets pass down to loved ones and can’t be touched by creditors, bankruptcies or failed marriages. You may want to ensure that assets are protected for your special needs child. Maybe you want to transfer a business to your children after you pass away. Or perhaps you simply want to avoid the probate process. In any situation, we can help.

With our more than 20 years of experience assisting people throughout Southern California with their estate plans, you can be sure our attorney will set up a trust that meets your long-term financial needs and goals. Please contact our Encino office to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer: 818-905-6088.

What Is A Trust?

This is a specific kind of legal document that transfers assets from you to a trustee. You decide who the trustee will be, and this person will be in charge of managing the assets and distributing them to your chosen beneficiaries after your death. Often, spouses will act initially as their own trustees and only name a successor trustee upon incapacity or death.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the greatest advantages of creating a trust is that it can help your family avoid the probate process, provide for management of assets and reduce estate taxes. This can potentially save your heirs a significant amount of money.

Trusts also ensure that you remain in control of your assets, even after you pass away. You can specify who receives them, when they receive them and much more.

Did you know? You can help guard your children’s assets from creditors, bankruptcies and preserve their finances after failed marriages — even long after you’re gone. A lifetime asset-protected dynasty trust is the key. If you are intending to pass along a traditional IRA or Roth IRA, you can choose to use a standalone retirement trust (SRT), which will also protect the money from your children’s creditors, grasping ex-spouses or future bankruptcies.

You Have Many Available Options

The type of trust that is right for you will depend on your particular financial circumstances and your unique goals. If you have a family-owned business, significant real estate investments or other complex assets, your needs will differ from someone who has a simple savings account.

Let us help you choose the right trust for you. Here are just a few options:

  • Irrevocable or revocable trusts
  • Dynasty trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Standalone retirement trusts
  • Special-needs trusts
  • Sprinkle trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts
  • Generation-skipping trusts

Discuss Your Trust Options In A Free Consultation

To begin setting up your trust plan, schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with the Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane in Encino, California. Simply call 818-905-6088. We are available weekdays and on weeknights and weekends by appointment. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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