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Do You Qualify For A Special Pension?

U.S. wartime Veterans and their spouses have devoted their lives to protecting the basic freedoms enjoyed by every man, woman, and child in the United States. Special pensions programs exist to ensure that we are honoring their sacrifice by taking care of disabled and aging Veterans.

Gerry Kane, the skilled attorney at Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, located in Encino, California, represents Veterans located in Southern California throughout the entire process of receiving special pensions, from application to appeal.

For questions about qualifying for special pensions, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation: 818-905-6088.

What It Takes To Qualify

A Veteran is presumed to qualify for benefits if:

  • 65 and older or permanently and totally disabled
  • Not dishonorably discharged
  • Active duty for 90 days
  • Served one day in active duty during wartime, the applicable wars being World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the First Gulf War

It is not necessary that a Veteran be injured in active duty to qualify for special pensions benefits. Eligibility for special pension programs is based on need, with a general rule that the applicant must not have more than $80,000 of assets, your medical expenses must exceed your income and you must meet certain other income requirements. There are three “special pension” programs available to Veterans who served during wartime, and their surviving spouses : aid and attendance, housebound and basic improved pension.

Aid and attendance benefits, the highest level of special pension available to Veterans, are designed to provide assistance to those who cannot perform day-to-day tasks on their own and need constant medical care. Housebound benefits are available to Veterans who have need for medical assistance that does not rise to the level of needing constant care. Basic pension benefits are available to those who do not meet the requirements of housebound or aid and attendance benefits but still have un reimbursed medical expenses that exceed their income.

With the effective use of estate planning tools such as wills and trusts, we can help you to preserve assets while protecting income eligibility for special pension programs. Gerry Kane will also carefully consider the effects your Veterans benefits could have on eligibility for other government assistance programs such as Medicaid and Medi-Cal.

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Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane is dedicated to the protection of your Veterans rights. For further questions about benefits to which you may be entitled, please contact our Los Angeles aid and attendance lawyer to schedule a no-obligation initial consultation. You may also call 818-905-6088. We look forward to meeting you.