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It’s been a fun summer, and I hope you and your family are also enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Karen and I had quite an experience recently at an adventure tour where we “swung through the trees” like Tarzan and Jane!  Well, maybe not exactly like them, but check out the pictures and video of our most recent adventure.

Don’t forget that we are having an event on July 31, and to make sure you get one of the few spots left, please click here to sign up.  Even if you have a Will in place, your family may not be fully protected. The 7 practical steps that I will teach you at this seminar includes a comprehensive guardianship strategy that, as a parent, you MUST know!  And it’s F R  E  E!

To help you understand some of the implications of misunderstandings about what  your planning is all about, please keep reading.  Our feature article this week is called “Estate Planning is More Than Who Gets What…”

As always, I’d love to hear from you let me know what you’ve been doing this summer!

Until next time,