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Elephant in the Room!

In case any of you have wondered… no, marriage to me has not “mellowed” Karen’s penchant for fun, wild and crazy, and unusual adventures.

Sunday, we had a blast during a photo shoot… with an African elephant!

One of Karen’s friends is writing a book, full of photography of exotic animals, and she invited us along for the day to photograph the lovable pachyderm who by the way enjoys loving handling by her owner.

After being warned that rattlesnakes were prevalent in the area, we made our way through biting red ants and the heat (I’ll take the heat!  Ouch!) to get to the location where the photo shoot would take place.

We stood underneath the trunk and were amazed that next to the tough, spiny skin of the elephant’s appendage were the beautiful, absolutely pristine tusks, which were smooth as glass.  (The “spines” on the trunk were actually very thick, coarse hairs.)

When I told my friends about the jaunt, they were incredulous that we’d gotten that close to such a huge, wild, unpredictable animal.  Guess it’s a good thing I have my estate plans in order!

That brings me to ask you to stay tuned for this week’s feature article.  Having everything in order can make things so much easier for those taking care of your affairs during your incapacitation or after you are no longer with us.  Read the story of how someone close to me lost her mom and, three months later, she and her siblings are still trying to locate insurance policies, the location of her safety deposit box… and more…

It’s a situation that could have so easily been avoided and in a family who KNEW that it should be done, but made the wrong choices for all the “right” reasons.

Until next time…