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Gerry’s Corner: Emergency Preparedness

We often don’t have the right preparedness plan in place until disaster strikes. Each time we’re jolted out of bed a little reminder in the back of our brain says take action. But, then, days go by, and we start to move that down the list until finally it’s no longer important anymore and is filed under the “I’ll get to it someday list.”

Last week, an earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter Scale struck Southern California reminding us of the importance to be prepared for when that “Big One” strikes.

Let’s face it; the plates appear to be on the move with large and small quakes arising everywhere. There has been recently a quake in Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Haiti and now California, too. This is the time to review how prepared you are in case an earthquake strikes. I know that I, too, need to go back and make sure everything is in order.

My girlfriend, Karen, who teaches first aid, reminded me of what the Red Cross recommends that you should have on hand in case of a major disaster:

  • A 2-week supply of water – a gallon of water per person for at least 2 weeks – don’t forget your pets
  • Medicines – both prescription and over the counter
  • Canned food items
  • Baby Formula and bottles for your infants
  • Pet Food
  • A first aid kit (this is always good to have at home/work/car)
  • Working flashlight
  • Radio that works on batteries
  • Important legal documents

A complete list of recommended items by the Red Cross of what to include in your emergency kit can be found online.  To view it, just go here.

Copies of wills, trusts, deeds, insurance policies, credit card information should all be kept in a zip lock bag along with your emergency kit.

Just like we need to be prepared for when disaster strikes, it’s important to have the proper legal planning in place to ensure that, when that day comes, all your financial and intellectual wealth passes smoothly without exorbitant costs, disputes or delays.

Every American must have 5 important legal documents, which are discussed in the feature article below. If you don’t have a legal plan in place, I want to make it easy for you to put it in place. Just schedule an appointment in the next 2 weeks, mention you read this E-zine, and you will receive a $500 discount off your planning and a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session (a $750 value).  Call us today at 818.905.6088 and say you want to take advantage of the E-Zine Special.


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