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Hey! Why DIDN’T We Get A Manual?!!!

One of the things I really enjoy about being a Personal Family Lawyer is the networking I get to do and meeting new people whose missions are similar to mine (helping families).

If you remember my “corner” from a couple of weeks ago, I told you about my having a booth at the “Taste of Encino” event.  There, I met Faith Golden, M.A., of It’s Aparent, Parent and Behavioral Specialists. She and I discussed some of the issues parents face these days, and it occurred to me that I’d like to devote this week’s topic to parenting skills.

Picture it: A 13-year old girl gets up one morning, can’t figure out what to wear, is so tired she can’t wake up because she sneaked out of bed to talk on the phone until 1:00am to her girlfriend about the new boy in school and has a complete melt down. This includes screaming, stomping, throwing things, calling her parents names and saying she hates them and she is NOT going to school.

What would you do?

Most parents have experienced in varying degrees this type of bad behavior from their children. Being involved in “Kids Protection Planning” as I am, I hear so many stories like this (some not as bad and some much, much worse).

I’m a parent. I want to raise my girls the best way possible with as little permanent scarring as I can manage. I’ve done what most parents have done and analyzed what the best methods of raising whole people are.

Luckily, corporal punishment is no longer considered the best option. We look at positive reinforcement versus teaching cause and effect (consequences). We usually always end up doing what we think is best. And when it comes down to it, that’s all we can expect from ourselves as parents who weren’t given a “how-to” manual when we started our families. But face it: We WERE NOT given a “how-to” manual when our children were born!

So, sometimes, it’s our job to admit that we need help with our parenting skills.  Especially, when children become out of control and the entire family suffers from one or more child’s behavior.  That’s where professional such as It’s Aparent comes in and can offer valuable services to helping your family get back on track.  Some helpful tips are offered below in the feature article.

As a side note: I think I’m fairly lucky in that most of my problems involve occasional “orders.” Recently, Taylor decided – along with the rest of the country it seems – that Juicy Couture is the newest rage. She asked me not to buy her a Juicy Couture lap top cover unless there was a new MAC in it!  HA! What a girl! Do you know, I’m actually trying to fit it into my budget?  (I told her if she got good grades on her next report card, I’d do it.)

“Think Good Thoughts, Feel Better, Be your Best self!” and have a wonderful weekend!