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My Favorite Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween this evening!  Someone asked me this week what the most fun Halloween I’ve had, and of course, what came to mind was the Halloween of 1999.

We always go “all out” on Halloween and have a lot of props in our yard and on the porch and visitors will be greeted with all kinds of swirling gruesomes and scary noises.  Actually, our whole neighborhood gets into the spirit (pun intended), and we even have a Halloween parade.  I love it!

The whole family went with me outside to participate in the parade.  It speaks to how sharp I am that the first thing I noticed were several media trucks and satellite dishes on the street.  I was told an Internet commercial was being filmed, and they wanted to tape our parade if everyone agreed and signed a release form.

And again, it speaks to how sharp I am that I signed without noticing no one else was scribbling out their releases. Just me and Mimi.

After the parade and little party in our house, I took the kids out and we started walking down the street, when all of a sudden, we saw a cow. Honest to God, it was a live cow sitting on the hill.  There was a girl dressed up like a Jersey cow and another one dressed up like a farm girl with little spots on her cheeks.  We were so surprised to see a cow in our neighborhood that we started talking to them.  But one of the girls got a radio message, and they start back down the hill.  We are so intrigued that we decide to follow them rather than continue Trick or Treating.

It was all so eerie! But a fun eerie.

We followed the cow and the girls back to our house where there was a large crowd.  We went inside, and almost immediately someone knocked.

Mimi opened the door and Gordon Elliott (of Doorknock Dinnners tv show) was standing there.  Mimi slammed the door shut, but he knocked again.  This time, a more composed Mimi opens the door and accepts his “gracious” invitation to come in and make a dinner for us.  Mimi as Little Red Riding Hood and me as the Big Bad Wolf in gramma pj’s… we were quite the sophisticated hosts.

At one point, the chef decided he needed milk.  I handed him the milk from the fridge, but he said, “No, we need fresh milk.”  That’s when they took Mimi’s hand, led her outside, and helped her milk the cow that had been patiently waiting.

When back inside, I walked in the living room with Gordon and on the tv, there we were!  It was a live tv show!  Nothing to edit here!

When the chef was done, we invited some of our friends in to sit down with us and enjoy the fine meal they’d prepared.  It was then that we found out our friend, Gale, had set the whole thing up.

After dinner, we had a show outside with a Mariachi band who danced with Mimi and several others.  What fun!

It was a long, fun and exciting evening to be sure.  Cha cha cha!

Have a great week!