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My kids and I just returned from a visit to San Diego where we spent an amazing week visiting Legoland, Sea World (Shamu Rocks!), and the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  If you haven’t been to all of them, it’s worth it (although, I have to say that my girls were a little miffed at being considered young enough to enjoy Legoland!  I keep forgetting they are young women now and not children!).

If you are familiar with the Wild Animal Park, you know that this is a recreation of the African wild so that the animals are able to live in as natural a habitat as possible.  It was really neat that we were able to go on the tram at twilight because the animals, after having rested all day in the heat, were active, jumping around, and thoroughly entertaining us all.  Check it out if you’re looking for a fun and educational outing with your family or friends.

I’ll talk more about the reason for our outing in next week’s issue…  so stay tuned.

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Have a fantastic Labor Day Holiday!