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Dealing With Death

Every family faces a unique set of challenges after the death of a loved one. Engage Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane to provide a full-service approach to probate or trust administration that minimizes headaches, transfers assets as quickly as possible, ensures the right choices are made at every crossroad and all legal requirements are satisfied within the legal deadlines. All of this is done with love and compassion during a difficult time.

Trust administration is a critical piece of the overall process for ensuring that your family has all of the information, guidance and resources you need when you are no longer here to provide them. Our trust administration team is headed by Sylvia Miravet, a seasoned Trust and probate attorney, who administers plans with creativity and efficiency. Time and again.

Upon the death of a loved one, we prepare a comprehensive trust administration memorandum that prepares the successor trustee for their duties as the trustee of the trust. We stand ready to assist the family in every way to resolve property transfers and other loose ends that exist after death.

We are particularly good at helping keep families together during a time that can sometimes pull families apart.

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