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Joel Seidel

233 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 400 Santa Monica, CA 90401

Contact: Joel Seidel, Attorney At Law

Tel: (310) 282-0507 or (818) 832-7850


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Ward Kroll & Jampol

9777 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Dean Ward, Attorney At Law Tel: (310) 888-8510



Thank you for requesting information about one of our Trusted Legal Expert Partners. Sending you to the right lawyer for your specific situation is incredibly important because the wrong lawyer can do more harm than good. And, we believe it’s critical that you work with an expert for your situation. For example, a general lawyer who dabbles in Personal Injury, Divorce, and Will is unlikely to serve you well on any front.

Each of the lawyers listed in our Trusted Legal Experts section are excellent lawyers, but not all of them are necessarily right for your situation. We highly recommend that you talk with your Personal Family Lawyer before choosing a lawyer to handle your specific situation.

We are experts in planning for and handling the passage of your Whole Family Wealth after you are gone, which includes passing on not only your financial assets, but also your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets (or who you are and what’s important to you). From a legal perspective, this means we can handle personal, property and business matters for you.

Because we don’t handle any matters outside of our scope of expertise, we have teamed up with experts in Personal Injury, Divorce, Real Estate, Business Litigation, Probate and Trust Litigation, Employment, Business Transactions, Immigration and many other areas to ensure you will get the best care possible for your personal matter.

Before engaging a lawyer or entering into any sort of a “money transaction” you should call our office for guidance. If you are a member of our Family Wealth VIP Membership program, you will not be charged for these calls or for identifying the best possible lawyer for your personal situation.

First, we’ll help you determine if you do need a lawyer. If you do and it’s not an area of law that we have expertise, we will connect you with the perfect trusted legal expert for yo­ur situation. Many of our Trusted Legal Expert Partners pass on discounts to our Family Wealth VIP Members because we do NOT take any referral fees.