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What An Estate Planning Attorney Does (aka “Some Things I Did This Month”)

1. Help two different clients get ready to sell a home through probate due to their family or friends who didn’t have a plan in place. Reviewed contracts, title searches, and met with brokers.

2. Work with at least half a dozen families to deal with assets after a loved one has died. Some have effective plans, some don’t. Some require court probate, some don’t.

3. Met with client to design a living trust plan that will smoothly prepare for disability and pass assets at death.

4. Review all asset ownership (farm, bank accounts, stock, life insurance) and legal documents (living trust, will) for a terminally ill client, so things go smoothly after death.

5. Conducted a Kids Protection Webinar and two live parent workshops.

6. Have lunch with several financial advisors about how to best collaborate and work together for our mutual clients.

7. Meet with physician to discuss how an estate plan can protect assets from future creditors.

8. Meet with a single mom for signing of Will, powers of attorney, and other documents, and then conduct a recorded interview about how she would like her kids raised if something happens to her. The interview is burned to a CD for her to take home.

9. Presented to Veterans how they can qualify for a little known Veterans Aid & Assistance programs where they can receive up to $1,949 in assistance each month.

10. Met with an older client at an assisted living facility to sign powers of attorney allowing family members to help her pay bills and talk to her doctors

11. Several meetings, emails, and phone calls with a family and their financial advisor and CPA regarding an inheritance they are receiving and how to protect it from future estate tax.

12. Discuss with a client how he should set up an IRA inherited from a parent.

13. Met with a client in our VIP membership program for a regular review of assets, life situation, changes in the law, and then sign a revised living trust and powers of attorney.

14. Phone conference with a family looking at options to recover assets stolen by their mother’s power of attorney.

15. Court appearance to have judge approve settlement on an estate dispute, where the deceased left a plan that was too vague as to who got what after death

16. Meetings, phone conferences, and emails with an older client and his family members, financial advisor, employees, and CPA about how to best to transition the client’s business upon poor health or death.

17. Met with several clients who have retained us to design a strategy and plan to ensure that their home and other assets aren’t lost to the devastating costs of long term care.

18. Change web site to include online sign up for workshops and more info about the workshops.

19. Attended the Medi-Cal Immersion Camp in Florida to become more educated on Medi-Cal planning and protecting and preserving assets.

20. Draft a trust for a client in a second marriage who wishes to care for his wife but also protect assets for his children after death.

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