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What Does It Mean To Have Your Own Personal Family Lawyer?

Since I started practicing law about 15 years ago, I knew that this was my calling.  I wanted to help families with the most important decisions they could make regarding protecting their family in the event of the unthinkable, and I took great satisfaction from assisting them with this process.

But it was so difficult!  I had no course but to take the normal route that estate planning attorneys make, and I found – MUCH to my dismay – that, sometimes, the plans failed when families needed them to work.  I was a good attorney.  I cared about my clients. I was doing what most other attorneys were doing.  I kept up on changes in the law.

Still, something was missing from my feeling totally satisfied that I was providing the best possible service that I could for them.  About 2 years ago, that all changed.  I am extremely proud to be part of a national network of attorneys who have found a way to change the “old” way of just producing documents for our clients’ estate plans.  This movement, created by Alexis Martin Neely, is on its way to changing the way this country feels about lawyers.

As a Personal Family Lawyer, my core mission to serve my clients to the best of my ability has expanded to include the goal of being their Personal Family Lawyer for life.  It isn’t enough to create a set of documents, put them on the shelf, and hope they work.

The reason their plans failed is that they would get their estate planning documents, put them in a drawer, mark this as done on their checklist, and, then, they wouldn’t take them out again for years.  The laws changed, their life and their assets changed but yet they still didn’t update their plan.

We help our clients ensure that does not happen by meeting with them to review their plan and their Family Wealth (assets) at least every three years.  For those who require a more frequent annual review as well as unlimited chages to their plan we offer a membership plan at four different levels for your needs.  (Click here if you’d like more information about our VIP membership programs and the unique benefits it offers.)

If you are a current client, you’ll hear from us soon!  If you do not have a Personal Family Lawyer who will be your and your family’s advisor for life, call our office to receive a waiver of the normal $750 fee to have a personal Family Wealth Planning Session for free.  That’s another way to show you we really do care.  And you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done the best you can do for your family.  Call our office at 818-905-6088.  We’re here for you.