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Should You Worry About Avoiding California Probate?

Avoiding probate in California is one of the main benefits of estate planning and asset protection planning. But what exactly does it mean to avoid probate, and is it something you should be concerned about?

The main reason many people want to avoid California probate is because the process is long, public, and costly. In fact, the probate process could tie your loved ones up in the legal system for months or even years.

During that time, your loved ones will have limited or no access to property and funds that they may desperately need. Additionally, all probate court proceedings are made public, meaning the details of the inheritance you leave behind to your beneficiaries is available for anyone who cares to find out, opening your loved ones up to potential harassment or financial scams.

If this is a situation you’d like to avoid, you may want to consider speaking with an experienced California estate and elder law attorney who is skilled in the methods required to avoid probate and wrap up the estate in a quick and private manner.

Proper estate planning with Revocable Living Trusts and beneficiary designations, depending on the needs of your individual situation, can make it so that none of your assets pass through probate. A Revocable Living Trust can also grant a certain level of privacy for you and your loved ones, as assets and property held by a Trust are not subject to the same amount of public scrutiny as those that go through a full probate process.

If you would like to get more information about the estate planning techniques to help you avoid probate, or if you are currently going through the probate process and need help, please set up an appointment at our Los Angeles County estate and elder law office by calling (818) 905-6088.