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Billy Bob’s, Spring Training, and Texas Bar-B-Q

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost – depending on your persuasion – Passover and Easter again!  I hope you all are planning a very nice holiday with your families.

As we age and our parents age, for a lot of people, it’s more and more difficult to pay for long term care.   So, I’ve added to my mission to be your trusted advisor for Elder Law clients and have spent the last several years becoming more educated on how to help my clients and their parents pay for these devastating and exhorbitant costs.

Last week, I went to a “Spring Training Camp.”  Sometimes, I wish it could have been for for the Texas Rangers, but believe it or not, I enjoyed being in Dallas for an entire week of training at the “Medicaid wizard” school and learning how the VA Aid and Attendance benefits can be more available to deserving and eligible veterans who previously were told they were not.

Although I’ve always known and “preached” that planning ahead is important, I  learned how it’s even more important to plan now.  For example, by planning early, many more options are available so that you can attain the maximum benefits that you are entitled to.

Even though it was intense, I did have one night that I got to get out and enjoy local flavor.  I went to Texas’ largest honky tonk at the Stock Yards:  Billy Bob’s.  Holding 6,000 people, with about 12 bars, and featuring country artists, on a Wednesday night when it wasn’t as bustling as I’m sure it is on the weekends, I could only imagine with awe how much business Billy Bob’s enjoys when it’s standing room only.   It’s a little down the road that Pat Benatar or REO Speedwagon will be there, but I’m truly sorry I missed it.  Could you imagine it????  For me, that’d be quite a trip!

The food was to die for with bar-b-q and homemade sides made it a great diversion, and I’m glad I got to get out and experience this local legend.

And back to business:  Make sure you read this week’s article on how important it is to plan for those years ahead when what you do today affects the level of benefit you enjoy down the road…

Until next time,