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What Happens In Vegas….

In the last couple of weeks, Karen and I had to travel to Las Vegas for a wedding.  You may remember this is where Karen lived when we met.  So, it wasn’t a quickie, drive thru chapel type wedding.   It was a real bash!  Karen was a bridesmaid for the first time in the U.S. so it was fun for her for several reasons.

The weekend away was also a nice way for us to have time away for a couple of days, as well.

Karen’s heart goes out to those animals  not easily adoptable for whatever reason.  She’s such a softie and would take them all if she could!  So, now, we have two new additions to the family.   Two solid black cats (can you believe that superstition makes these beautiful animals hard to new homes?).  Their names are Marble and Puma ,and we love them already.  We are holding our breath to see how well they are finally received by our other cats, Romeo and Harley.

On this note, if you have ever thought of having a Trust for your family pet, call us.  California law allows you to leave a Trust to ensure money is available to provide care for your pet after your gone.   It’s actually good planning if you love your pet like a member of the family!

Speaking of members of our household (smile), I want to remind you about our Client Care Membership program where we keep your documents and assets up to date so that your plan will work when it needs to with unlimited amendments.   In addition, there are many bonuses we’ve recently added.  For example, we have a new one called ClientDocX that allows you to store all of our estate planning documents on a secure server, and you can selectively give access to certain individuals (i.e., your agents, financial planner and CPA).

It can also maintain all of your financial documents and, if you choose,  you can store all your passwords.  We highly recommend this feature because, if a loved one becomes incapacitated, it makes it much easier to handle business.   If you’d like to find out more about Client Care, call our office at 818.905.6088 or visit the Client Care section at

Until next time,