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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  it’s a fun time of year and many new families begin with romantic proposals on this day every year.  There are no hard and fast statistics, of course, but it’s estimated that about 10% of all engagements take place on February 14th.

Karen doesn’t consider herself a cook (although I certainly do because she’s a good one!), but she decided to make a romantic dinner at home this year.

Her 4-course meal could have been served in a 5-Star, gourmet restaurant.  From the sweet potato soup with apple bits to the crock pot lasagne (simmered for 7-8 hours), it was hard for me to believe that these were firsts for Karen to prepare.

Topped off, as you can see to the left, was a scrumptious chocolate cake, with decadent chocolate covered strawberries on top.

Can I say I’m a lucky duck?  YES!

It was wonderful!

She’s definitely a keeper!

I’m sure you feel the same way about your dearest, and we all send you the warmest wishes for a wonderful, romantic rest of February!  I’d love to hear about your Valentine’s so send me those stories that made yours special (or, at least, memorable!), and I’ll post them if you like to share with our other readers.

And if you got engaged, read this week’s article on “The Romance Business” to ensure that you and your future spouse keep that spark for a very long time!

Until next time,