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Graduation, Surgery, and Chips Ahoy!

I can’t help but think that soon… very soon… my daughter, Taylor, will be graduating high school.  She’s not a senior this year, but time is going by much too fast!

It’s such an exciting time for graduates.  Full of excitement and anticipation about their futures as adults and, according to most I talk to, all grown up and ready to take on the world on their terms.

As you know, though, when your children are born, they are your children, even when they have grandchildren and you’re the toddler!  (smile)  So many things happy in between those years, and each milestone in their lives is an opportunity to secure some portion of their future.

And so it is with this Summer’s graduating class.  There are so many things to be considered:  College?  Which one?  Major?  Career?  Marriage?  Family?  CREDIT CARDS and a mortgage!  Oh, my!  Stay tuned for our feature article this week about the legalities of kids going off to college and how to give yourself peace of mind even if it’s tough “letting them go.”

My trips to the gym and over doing it a bit, led to me having to have a minor hernia surgery on Friday.  Ouch!  I would, at this point, even trade being able to do my honey-do list (chores at home) to not have the usually welcome instance when I have to sit back and do nothing strenuous for a few weeks.

The good news is that it will be over within a few days, and actually, I’m already back in the office.  I’ll have to work my way back up to the doing complete workout at the gym.  The bad news is that I’m giving in a lot more to one of the few things I can’t resist:  COOKIES!   My comfort food.  Curling up (as best I can) with a mild pain reliever and a bag of Chips Ahoy! doesn’t make it easier, but I’m doing the best I can.  🙂

I’ll never be green with envy again of anyone who has a short time of rest and recuperation and, even with a everyone being so nice to help with keeping me from over doing anything, I’d rather be over this NOW!  And speaking of green….

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up March 17th.  He was, as you may know, a Catholic missionary during the 5th Century in Ireland and, at the end of the 7th Century, became the Patron Saint of Ireland.  Legend has it that he had used the green shamrock in his teaching to illustrate the Trinity.

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