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What’s YOUR Magic Wand?

Time is always a premium these days, it seems. Everybody that I talk to seems to never have enough hours in the day! And I’m included in that bunch!

When is a good time to buy Christmas gifts? When is a good time to make resolutions and celebrate the passing of the old and in with the new? When is it a good time to plug that leaking hole in the bottom of your boat that suddenly seems to be getting bigger and bigger?

When IS it a good time to make sure you have your affairs in order, your family is protected, you pay less taxes, your relatives have less to fight over, your kids inheritances are protected, and you just get a boost with a shot of peace of mind that this isn’t hanging over your heard or nagging you in the back of your mind that you know your family is going to be in a lurch – or a worse lurch – than they should be if something happened to you?

My friend, Diane, had an automobile accident one day.  It wasn’t too serious in that no one was killed or maimed.  But she broke her ankle trying to stop and had to have emergency surgery.  Her husband rushed to the hospital so relieved that she was okay, even though he was a little aggravated that the accident turned out to be his wife’s fault.  Just before her surgery, the policeman came in to take a few more details for her statement and his report, and her husband was incredulous when he overheard her tell the officer that she didn’t think she had insurance.

He told her that he hoped that wasn’t the case because she would be responsible for repair of the other person’s car, their emergency and hospital bills, plus the property damage they caused in the collision.

Frank was stunned as he was only just beginning to feel comfortable financially after several years of struggling.  All he could see was another 10-15 years of paying off this debt when a simple action would have been a magic wand and paved the way to a more secure future.

What was that action?  Diane carried the envelope in her purse – and it was there while she was having surgery – that held the past 30 days due car insurance payment.  Just a quick trip by the post office and they wouldn’t even be considering what a tragedy they’d avoided.

I told you that story to just remind you that planning is a major milestone in your life and your family’s security.  Don’t “carry it around in your purse” thinking you’ll get to it one day.  Use your magic wand to ensure a brighter future.

Holidays, vacations, spring break, sporting events.. whatever it is that takes a certain time of year to come and go, I want you to know that THIS is the time of year when most people find time to get their financial house in order:  The kids are in school, there’s no major holidays or vacations most likely coming up soon, and you can focus on your family.

Today’s feature article is about the joy of life.  Do this for yourself and your family and surprise yourself at how great it feels to have this done!

Call me.  Let’s take a painless look at where you are so that at least you know…