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Belly Buttons, Noses and A Picture of Mom….

My daughter, Taylor, is 15 this month!  Because she is a dancer and had recitals around her “Big Day,” we had to wait and celebrate that Sunday, which meant she shared her birthday festivities with me for Father’s Day.

Last year, Taylor made up her mind that she wanted to have her navel pierced.  I said absolutely not.  No way, no how, not a chance.

This year, she announced that she wanted her nose pierced.  (Egad!  The fun never stops!)  I, again, being the typical dad who’s (at least to my daughter) so out of touch with the “real world,” I put my foot down again, and said absolutely not.

So, anyway… for Taylor’s birthday last week, Karen made arrangements for a very special charm for her naval ring:  A picture of Mimi, my late wife and Taylor’s mom.  It was very touching and meant so much to Taylor – and to me.  What a special gift!

Also, after her visit to Hard Rock Cafe with me, good ole Dad, and Karen, we went out for a while and after an hour of haggling over price and size, Taylor is enjoying her new itsy bitsy diamond peeking out just above her left nostril.

Yep!  I showed her who’s boss!    (Well, we don’t have to mention either that there was a little bit of loving arm twising from Karen…)

I do have to include today a picture of the sinfully rich, delicious, moist cake that Karen made for Taylor’s birthday.  This is the one that I carry around in my wallet…  it’s THAT good!

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