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After 30 Birthdays…

Thank you everyone who sent Karen Happy Birthday Wishes recently!

She had a fantastic day, having lunch with friends and dinner with her husband…

She has a theory about getting older.  She hates it.  She has developed a way of coping for Post-Three O, and it’s worked very nicely to help her feel better.   The birthdayee gets a present for every year over 30 in addition to the “regular” gift.  (smile)

This might take some creative thinking on the part of the gift giver (me!); luckily, they don’t have to be monetary gifts.  But if it works, well, let’s just say that, then, it’s worth it!  Karen has sworn me to secrecy about her age, so let me just say that she enjoyed one extra gift this year!

Graduating seniors are fairly easy to buy for when it comes to gift giving on their auspicious occasion, moving from student to graduate.  Money is always a good choice because their needs – especially if they are going away to college – so varied and the extra cash helps makes it a little easier.

If you have a graduating high school senior OR if your junior student will turn 18 before graduating high school, you need to read on.  I’ve given you some vital information that you will want to know.  Plus, I’ve included a few goodies to make sure you take advantage of the tools available to you to avoid possible problems if you fail to plan.

Until next time…