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Sneak Preview

Wow!  This week has been so busy!   It’s what I love, though, with new clients, and talking to people about their particular situations and providing the solutions that work best for them and their families.  Plus, I’m getting ready for the upcoming free seminars, where I have the opportunity to speak face with face to parents about this important part of their planning.

I’m also preparing to introduce some new features to my website,, so stay tuned for some exciting announcements about that soon.

One thing I’ll give you a little “preview clue” about is the new Professional Planning Partners Program that I’m particularly excited about.  There, you will be able to find information about other professionals and services which you might also need, and they will be coming to you from a trusted source.  Oh!  And, if you are a professional, you’ll have the chance to sign up to become a Planning Partner and be on the site as well.

Good stuff!  I’ve been working long and hard with my web developers to get some of these things in place, and it looks like it will all be finished very soon.

And, of course, I stay busy also with my two daughters, who supposedly keep me young (that’s what everyone says, anyway!).  Taylor is practicing several times a week for her part in the ballet, “Cinderella.”  Hailey, who has always been an animal lover, may take horse riding lessons soon. But these things always fun, too, and I’m proud of both of them.