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Viva Las Vegas

We just returned from a trip to Vegas. Taylor, Hailey and I drove over for a Jonas Brothers concert. Thousands of screaming 12 to 15 year old girls made a memory for my daughters, but for me? Well, I’m being fitted for my hearing aid next week. (smile)

Las Vegas is such an interesting place with, of course, the gaming industry taking top billing for the city’s draw. But as everyone knows, you can see the best entertainment in the world. I took the girls, also, to see Jersey Boys and we wowed and oohed at La Reve at the Wynn (an amazing acrobatic show that you’ve got to see if you’re in town there!).

And that was our Thanksgiving. And, actually, it was nice. We spent a lot of quality time together.

I have to admit, though, that – once – during the week, I took advantage of an offer from one of my clients and left the girls with a “sitting” service and took off for a little sight-seeing on my own. Having never been to the Playboy Club before, I had no idea what to expect! Let’s just say that I enjoyed it tremendously. I was pleasantly surprised at the class and decorum that accompanied the erotic.

Have a fantastic week!