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Success Through Positive Mental Attitude

I have been listening to an audio book in my car on the way to work each morning, and it seems that there is a pattern of what I’m hearing with regard to the economy and such. It is that my having “Success Through Positive Mental Attitude” can and does change my life by opening avenues that I can’t see when I am stuck in the negativity that inevitably surrounds us all.

We may not feel that we have much of an impact on those things around us that are controlled by other people. But how we control our responses to those things DOES impact us. Did you know that being paralyzed by fear of the economic situation can actually cause you to respond in such ways that you DO actually feel the negative effects of the economy?

There are those, though, who are fortunate enough to have trained themselves to see through the negative hype and see that there are always opportunities for growth and prosperity, even when all the nay-sayers are spreading the gloom and doom of inevitable failure.

Maybe the fact that I’m seeing all the postive messages means that I have that type of mindset. I choose to believe that is exactly what it means.

So, my challenge to you this week is to consider what messages you are seeing and hearing with regard to the things in your life that you feel are out of your control. Do you see opportunity or failure? Do you feel excited or fearful?

Stay around for the feature article, “Family Feuds Can Happen In the Best of Families,” where I share an extremely personal story about overcoming bitterness and negativity with the right positive mental attitude that can bring a family back together again.

Wishing You and Your Family Peace and Prosperity and an Easy Fast on YOM KIPPUR!

See you soon!