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Changing Again – To Froggy’s!

I love doing seminars for parents with minor children!  I feel so good about what happens – every time. Families come to my seminars sincerely wanting to make the right choices for their kids and wealth.  And, I love hearing their own stories and providing whatever advice I can to help them move in the right direction to achieve what they want when it comes to their estate planning and their kids well being..

Each month, I presented a guardianship workshop at Storyopolis.  These workshops enabled me to meet with parents of minor children to educate them on the simple steps they need to take to make sure their kids are protected.  Unfortunately, the Storyopolis Studio City gallery had to close (at least temporarily).  So, I was left with the task of finding another suitable place for having my monthly seminars.

You might think there would be a LOT of places from which to choose, but I have very specific requirements that would work best for the parents and the kids so that we can make the most of our time together.  I finally chose Froggy’s Arts & Crafts.

I admit I was a little nervous because, while at Storyopolis, we had complete separation of parents and kids. At Froggy’s, there was only a curtain that separated the fun time from the parent’s workshop.  What if the kids were too noisy?  What if our workshop disturbed the kids?

I had my first seminar this past Sunday at Froggy’s Arts & Crafts.  The parents loved it!  They were much more relaxed knowing their kids were so close by.  The kids were having SO much fun with Froggy’s staff (and our babysittiers) during the arts and crafts class that they hardly knew we were there.

Although the kids were having so much fun, I began to worry that we couldn’t focus on the workshop.  This turned out to be moot.  It was a great day all the way around. Now, on to the next adventure!  On September 24, I’ll be hosting a workshop at Junior Gym.  This will also be the first time for that venue.

I arranged for a free gymnastics lesson from a licensed instructor while I have the workshop with the parents.

After the success at Froggy’s, I’m really looking forward to this.  I think it will be a great time!

And if you haven’t named guardians for your kids, I hope to see you there!

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“See” you next week!


All dads enjoy the all-too-infrequent “Father Knows Best” moments.  We may actually know it, but to actually get credit for it is something else!  Last week, I told you that my daughter, Taylor has revealed she wants to be a professional dancer some day.  I think she will as she is really talented and has the drive to accomplish her dream.  She takes ballet, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, and maybe even more but not tap!  Although I love to watch talented tap dancers (they make it look so easy and fun!), Taylor wasn’t interested in my suggestion that she try it.  I was disappointed but it was, after all, her choice.  This week, after never having had any interest in tap dancing, she started taking the class.  Guess what?  She LOVES it and (gasp!), she even thanked me for encouraging her to try something new.