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Due to precautions related to COVID-19, we have expanded our options for remote consultations. Please contact our office to discuss whether a full phone consultation or video conference is appropriate for your situation.

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What Our Clients Say


  • Richard & Mary:Mr. Kane was most helpful! He was most empathetic, personable, & explained the pros & cons of a living trust with ease. We truly endorse him to anyone who is contemplating a living trust!”
  • Margaret Ann:I hired Gerald L. Kane to prepare a trust for me. I was given good attention and explanations as to my trust. He answered my questions. Mr. Kane is an outstanding lawyer. I recommend him highly.


  • Patricia C:Spent time & effort to educate me on the matters I came to him about, so that I could make informed decisions. He has well organized materials.
  • Mary: Excellent and timely work.


  • Joseph P:Joseph P is knowledgeable, thorough, & personable. We felt at ease discussing difficult issues. The fact that he is young is comforting-he is likely to be available when estate matters become urgent.
  • Neil & Stacy:Gerald took the time to learn about our estate planning needs and he helped us provide for our family’s future. He made the process easy. I have since referred others to him.
  • Lisa P:I am grateful to Mr. Kane for his diligence, his patience and his compassionate professionalism…Clearly, my first estate planning experience allowed me to appreciate Mr. Kane’s work even more than I would otherwise have, because it gave me a source from which to compare…I wish that I had met Mr. Kane first. I would have saved that extra $1200 fee that I paid the previous law firm.
  • Robert & Marilyn: Our initial consultation with Gerald was everything we had hoped for in locating a knowledgeable attorney for setting up trusts and estate planning. We were confused as to what was best for our individual needs and Gerald took the time and effort to advise us what was best for us. He explained everything thoroughly so we could understand the process. Not only is Gerald an excellent estate planning attorney, he is courteous and kind. Also, his staff are equally courteous and helpful. We highly recommend Gerald to anyone with estate planning in mind.

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