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Someone you love is relying on you, and now you can rely on us to help reduce your stress and provide them with the best care.

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Kids Protection Webinar

Discover How You Can Name
Legal Guardians for Your Kids
Absolutely Free!

October 16th , 201 3
7: 30 to 8: 30pm PT
Right in your own home With Gerry Kane

We’re hosting this FREE Kids
Protection Planning Webinar Because…

74% of Parents Have Not Named Guardians For Your Children & the Rest of You Have Probably Made at Least One of the 6 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Naming Them, Which Leaves Your Kids at Risk

Attending this live event is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing in to a toll-free or local phone number. Simply register below and we will send you all the information you will need to join the call and discover how you can name legal guardians for your children for free and why it’s so important to do it now.

During this live Webinar event, you will also hear why naming guardians is so important to do right now, the 6 most common mistakes parents make when naming guardians and how you can get it done and do it right, without worry or stress and know you have done everything possible to ensure the well-being and care of your children.

It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s VITAL!

During this live webinar event, you will discover:

  1. How to make sure your child’s future is not left in the hands of an over-full, broken down court system and a Judge who doesn’t know you or your kids.
  2. The 9 simple steps you can take immediately to ensure the safety, well-being and care of your children no matter what, and why the authorities could remove your minor children from your house if you are in an accident, even if you have named legal guardians in your Will.
  3. Why these 9 simple steps aren’t something you ?do? once and then never look at again … and the rock bottom bare minimum you must review your plan to ensure the safety and security of your kids.
  4. How to save your family from the expenses and delays of a long, drawn-out court process that would make life difficult for them if you were in an accident without well-considered planning in place.
  5. How to avoid the 6 common mistakes most parents make when choosing a Guardian for their minor children.
  6. How to make sure your well-earned money is immediately and privately available for your children’s care and support.
  7. How you can name legal guardians for your kids for FREE.

It’s not too late to take advantage of this important information.

As a Personal Family Lawyer, I hear and see tragic stories every day of families who fail to plan properly or, even worse, think they have it all taken care of. But, when it becomes necessary to rely on those plans, they simply do not work.

Don’t be one of the many parents who never thought it would happen to them or pretended they had plenty of time to think about it.

Rest easy knowing you have no question about what it takes to ensure the well-being and care of your family … join us on this live webinar event.