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Free Seminar


Free Seminar for Wartime Veterans, Spouses and their families


Aid & Attendance Benefits Under the New VA Rules

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January 31, 2019
11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane – Conference Room
16255 Ventura Blvd, Suite 510
Encino , CA 91436

Gerald L. Kane

Discover how wartime veterans and their spouses can access up to $26,776 per year in tax-free income from the Veterans Administration to offset expenses or cover costs related to long-term care or home health care.

Learn what the new “3-Year Look Back Period” and up to 5 year penalty for gifts means for your family and how you can still utilize legal strategies to safely reallocate assets or income without triggering penalties from the Veterans Administration.

Learn how to take advantage of more generous deductions to help you fall within the VA’s income and asset guidelines so that you can access your benefits faster and with less stress.

Have you served in the military during a period of war? You or and/or your spouse may be entitled to extra, non-service connected benefits to help pay for your long-term care.

The Aid and Attendance Pension is a 3-tiered tax-free benefit that is available for wartime veterans and their spouses who need financial assistance covering the costs associated with long-term care or unreimbursed medical expenses.

These critical benefits are overlooked by many families with Veterans or surviving spouses… because the VA is not required to tell you if you qualify!

What would you do with up to $26,776 per year? Could you finally get the medical care and financial help that you deserve?

To find out what additional VA benefits you may be eligible for, join local elder law attorney, <insert name>, for a FREE educational workshop for wartime veterans and their families.

The rules to access Aid & Attendance have recently changed (October 2018) and veterans and their loved ones must learn how to apply for benefits under the new rules including the “3-year Look Back Period.”

Our free seminar will help you navigate these changes so that you can access your benefits without significant penalties or delays.

During the workshop you will discover:

  • How to access a little known or understood benefit from the VA that provides tax-free income for wartime vets to pay for your (or your spouse’s) care.
  • How to qualify for benefits following changes to the program that took effect on October 18, 2018.
  • Which strategies the VA says will NO LONGER WORK to access benefits, including the creation of annuities, and joints accounts. We’ll teach you alternative and approved ways to fall within the income and asset guidelines.
  • How to legally pay a family for family home care to enable you to obtain the maximum amount of pension available to you.
  • How to take advantage of new, and far more generous medical expense rules that can help lower your income and speed up qualification for benefits.
  • How your IRA and other retirement accounts can affect eligibility for VA benefits, and what to do about it.
  • How to deduct meals and lodging in an independent living facility or assisted living facility.
  • How one wrong move when applying for VA benefits can put your future Medi-Cal benefits at risk.

Seats are Free but limited to the first 15!