Comprehensive Life-Care Planning Assistance

As your loved ones get older, you may become concerned with their ability to live on their own independently. You might do everything that you can to help your loved ones care for themselves, but this can be physically and emotionally challenging. If they experience a fall or other adverse health event, you may need to consider making changes to their living situation to ensure that they get the care they need.

At the Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane, we help California families create solid strategies for their future. We create a plan that is specific to your family and helps you reduce the stress that you are feeling at this time. This can be a difficult thing to discuss, but it is extremely important. We are committed to helping you find the right choices for you and your family.

Helping Families Create a Solid Plan for the Future

We focus on both the legal and care components that make up a comprehensive life-care plan. Our team includes a health care professional who will review the specific medical needs of your loved one. We will then help you develop an action plan that allows you to ensure that these needs are being met. Our attorney will then assist you in devising a strategy that protects the assets of the family at this time.

We offer assistance with several different aspects of life-care planning, including:

  • Determining the treatment that should be provided in certain situations
  • Preserving and protecting assets of your loved one from the costs associated with nursing homes
  • Finding the resources that may be available to you to help you defray the costs connected with the medical care your loved one needs
  • Creating any trusts necessary to ensure that the financial resources are there to provide the necessary amount of care to a loved one

If you wait to implement a life-care plan, you may be placing your loved ones at risk. The earlier you plan, the more options we will have available to develop the best possible approach for you and your family.

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