Medi-Cal FAQ

A vast majority of U.S. citizens will need long-term nursing home care, or some other long-term medical assistance, at some point in their lives. Most will have difficulty covering the cost of such care without some form of public assistance such as that available through Medi-Cal.

Gerry Kane at Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane is sensitive to the needs of families who are preparing to ensure eligibility for Medi-Cal and other similar programs. Many are concerned about losing their family homes and other property to the State as a consequence of receiving public aid.

We understand your concerns, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of Medi-Cal planning and other kinds of estate planning. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable Encino lawyer to discuss Medi-Cal FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible for Medi-Cal?: If you already receive SSI, SSDI, or related benefits, you are eligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits. If you do not qualify for public assistance, you may still be eligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits if you are considered "medically needy."

If I Already Receive Medi-Cal Benefits, Can I Alter My "Share of Cost"?: Yes. You may be able to reduce or eliminate your "share of cost" copayment through the effective use of estate planning tools such as wills and trusts.

Will Receiving Medi-Cal Benefits Allow the State to Take My House or Other Property?: Medi-Cal does attempt to recover assets, including houses, vehicles, and other personal property owned at the time of the beneficiary's death. Medi-Cal has the right to recover up to the total amount of benefits received during the beneficiary's life. Fortunately, strategic Medi-Cal planning can prevent the loss of your home and other property.

Are My Nursing Home Expenses Reimbursable by Medi-Cal?: Medi-Cal benefits are reimbursed only for the three months immediately preceding your approved benefits application, provided the beneficiary was eligible for benefits during those three months.

Can I Keep My Assets and Still Be Eligible?: It depends. You may keep your home, automobile and various other exempt assets that qualify. We can help you determine what assets you can keep in order to still be eligible for benefits.

Do I Have to Pay for Medi-Cal From My Income?: It depends. If your income is less than a certain amount, based on your family size, then you will receive these benefits at no cost. We will analyze your unique situation and explain your rights under the law.

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