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The Top 5 Things Adult Children need to know NOW When Caring for their Aging Parents and the 5 Myths of Reverse Mortgages

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LEADING LEGAL AND HOME FINANCING EXPERTS explain what seniors should do to protect their homes, their financial assets and maintain a quality lifestyle. The Top 5 Things Adult Children Need To Know NOW When Caring For Their Aging Parents and answer the questions about whether Reverse Mortgages Can Help Create Financial Security & Keep You In Your Home

Gerry KanePresented By Gerry Kane, Attorney at Law: The Top 5 Things to Know NOW When Caring for Aging Parents

Jon MallettPresented by Jon Mallett, President of Mainstreet Mortgage: The 5 Myths of Reverse Mortgages


Come out to see Gerry Kane, Elder Law Attorney at the Mariott in Woodland Hills where you will discover: options your parents needed yesterday.

  • About why the costs of long term care are rising and what to do about it.
  • Why a basic will or living trust isn't enough.
  • The options available to pay for long-term care when the time comes.
  • All about the legal options an adult child may be asked to take on for an aging parent.
  • The pre-planning option your parents need NOW so they don't go broke in a nursing home.

Then, Jon Mallet discusses 5 Myths About Reverse Mortgages and...

Learn about the myths and realities behind Reverse Mortgages.

• Explore what a Reverse Mortgage is and if it's the right fit for you.

• Latest news on landmark changes in Reverse Mortgages made by the US government.

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